3 Tiers of Membership:

Premium Donating Member:

Supercar owners that have contributed and supported the DFC organization.  Voting equity.  2 OG DFC Hoodies.  Cars and Business Featured on our website.  Members only community chat.  Private events. Premium Discounts from our Industry Partners.  Minimum Contribution:  $500


Owner Social Member:

Invitation to local events.  Discount from our Industry Partners.  


Junior Aspiring Member:

Open to all that are have interest in the Atlanta supercar community. Early access to public events.  Special discount code for all services by our Industry Partners.  Up to date on local supercar news and content.  More perks coming soon…

To sign up, just submit your name on the mailing list and your done!  Thanks!




How to Apply 

For Supercar Owners:  It is the utmost importance to protect the integrity, privacy, and security of the group.  Therefore, all interested parties will be interviewed and decided by a small panel of founding members.  It’s not a snobby club, but still a discerning process.  

Shoot us an email with your name, main industry, current supercar and any relevant car history.  If coming through referral, please include their name.